The ImmunoNutritionLab is highly multidisciplinary and encompasses research on several topics with the aim to move disease biology from the laboratory to clinical practice.
The research at the “ImmunoNutritionLab” is focused on modern nutritional interventions with a pivotal role in improving the health status of both current and future generations.


Fighting Against the Food Allergy Disease Burden

The Research Activity at the ImmunoNutritionLab is well focused on new effective strategies against Food Allergy. Food allergy is a growing health problem worldwide. Effective strategies are advocated to limit the disease burden. Human milk is considered a protective factor, but its mechanisms remain unclear. Butyrate is a gut microbiota-derived metabolite able to exert several immunomodulatory functions. The butyrate concentration in human milk is largely undefined...
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The research activities of ImmunoNutritionLab are strictly connected to the activities of:

The Food Allergy Comprehensive Education, Treatment and Support Program at the University Federico II of Naples one of the largest provider of pediatric allergy services in Italy. Program is designed to treat all aspects of food allergies, including medical, dietary, social and psychological concerns, The team is made up of many different types of care professionals, each with a unique role in treating, educating and supporting the patients and their families, including: pediatricians, allergists, dieticians, social workers, nurses, psychologists, neuropsychiatrists, and allergy technicians. The Program has been accredited as the Reference Center for Pediatric Allergy by the Italian Society of Allergy and Pediatric Immunology (SIAIP)

The Task Force on Microbiome Studies, a collective and multidisciplinary microbiome initiative bringing together facilities from 14 different Departments and expertise from more than 100 staff scientists spanning soil/plant/food/human microbiome, and including chemistry, engineering and social sciences at the University Federico II of Naples, Italy



    Via Gaetano Salvatore, 486

    80145 Naples, Italy
    +39 081.3737918

Department of Translational Medical Science

    University Federico II Naples
    Via Sergio Pansini 5
    80131 Naples, Italy
    +39 081.7462680


Nutrients in our diet are the essential substrate for all cellular function of our body.

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We are what we eat


Nutrients in our diet are the essential substrate for all cellular function of our body. Modern dietary habits are main causative factors for abnormal immune response-related illnesses, such as allergy, autoimmunity, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity. Just as particular nutrients make us sick, proper nutrition is one of the most effective and least costly ways to decrease the burden of numerous diseases and associated co-morbidities modulating the immune response.

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