Equipment and Infrastructure

Equipment and Infrastructure

The research, activity is mainly performed at the CEINGE – Advanced Biotechnology Research Institute and at the Department of Translational Medical Science

The Center operates in the field of molecular biology and advanced biotechnology applied to Human Health. It is an excellence in Italy and abroad for the Research and Diagnostics of several human diseases. It is a High Education Center for new generations of researchers and scientists and is one of the fundamental hinges for the development of the "biotech" sector in Italy.

The CEINGE building has a total area of over 8,500 square meters. It consists of bodies of structurally independent factory, articulated on three levels. In total are placed in the building of CEINGE, 20 Research Laboratories and Diagnostics of about 90 square meters each, can accommodate up to 15 operators. The laboratories are equipped with service spaces equipped with scientific equipment for common use, infrastructure facilities and technological platforms.

There are also meeting rooms available to researchers, for lab-meetings and offices for Principal Investigators. The building has a 120-seat Congress Hall, a library and a multimedia classroom.

Laboratories are equipped with the state-of-the-art technologies for all area of ImmunoNutrition research including:

  • Biobanking of biological samples
  • Advanced technologies for metagenomics: last generation sequencers
  • Metabolomics advanced technologies: HPLC, gas chromatography / mass spectrometry, MALDI- TOF
  • Cytoflorimeter and cell-sorter, microarray and Real Time PCR
  • Cell biology research laboratory
  • Animal models of obesity, NAFLD/NASH, food allergy, pain, depression, anxiety, inflammatory bowel diseases, diarrhea, asthma, rhinitis
  • Human cell lines for the study of host-microbiome interaction
  • Human cell lines for the study nutriens-host interaction
  • Ussing chambers for the study of transepithelial fluid transport
  • Biostatistics team for data analysis